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Behavioral Medicine

Behavioral Medicine is an important part of providing a complete and well rounded pain management service. 
Our Providers use advanced techniques in behavioral medicine to modify the overall pain experience, help restore functioning, and improve the quality of life of patients who suffer from chronic pain. 
We know pain is more than just “pain” in your arm, leg, back, or wherever you have pain. It is also how the brain and spinal cord take in those “pain” signals and processes them. That is where Craig Skousen, our pain psychologist, comes in. Through guided imagery, and special techniques he allows our patients to be able to turn down the “volume” on our pain and teach our bodies to come out of the “fight-and-flight” (or sympathetic system) – which makes pain worse, and into the “rest-and digest” (or parasympathetic system) which can aid in processing pain differently and reducing pain. 


Our Behavioral medicine treatments work to significantly reduce dependency on opiate medications and replace it with with long-term lifestyle changes and other non-opioid behavioral and medical options as treatment for patients with chronic pain conditions. Our team includes medical, wellness, and behavioral health providers who provide participants with a realistic, functional lifestyle plan that will help them manage their pain and life in a more functional and fulfilling manner.


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